Today's mellow yellow finds on Etsy

For the last 6 months I’ve been obsessed by yellow. I’ve been stalking yellow 1950s formica tables on evilbay, thinking about painting my front door in buttercup, bought a yellow four-poster bed and compulsively tried to find the ‘perfect’ yellow necklace. (My lovely friend Jo also gave me all yellow things for my birthday – an ace theme I have to say!)

I can’t really explain how this obsession came about (I used to have a thing about red) but there’s something about the colour that makes me smile – and ever since I moved into the new place I’ve decided to live in a less monochrome world.

Anyway, continuing my search for the yellow necklace, I was on Etsy (again) and while I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (to quote U2!), I did stumble across these yellow lovelies – a mustard hat and yellow locket necklace from Style Smith.

The hunt continues…