Got beard envy? Buy your own!

Yes, yes I know this really is beginning to look like I have a facial hair obsession but I stumbled across this seller on Etsy and I just had to share. Firstly, there’s the name
I Made You A Beard which is as direct as it is brilliant.

Then there’s the rationale for making beards… “I grew up in Portland, where there are only two types of people: hipsters with beards, and lumberjacks with beards.
I was born without the ability to grow a beard, and now I make beards to help people like me blend in with their bearded compatriots.”

And then there are the beards themselves… I have no idea what I would wear one of these to but I’m going to think of something. (I’m also thinking how toasty these would keep my face on the walk to work but that really would get me some strange looks!)