Dear Santa…

This year I’ve been very, very good. I’ve raised money for charity, stopped buying as many magazines, cut back on the doritos and stayed on the right side of the law (mostly). So here’s my Xmas list. I know some of it is a little on the pricey side but I’m going with the old theory of if you don’t ask, you can’t get. Hope it can all fit down my chimney!

1. A large Pinocchio rug from Moleta Munro
Yup, I don’t want a white Christmas. I want a multi-coloured Xmas! How comfy does this rug look? I could sit on it while opening my other pressies…


2. Norm 03 Pendant Light from Bodie and Fou

As most people know, you may not Santa, I’m ridiculous fan of ornate or mad pendant lights. Currently I have a whole lot of plain IKEA paper shades going on in my flat (an unfortunate necessity while we’re doing the place up) so this Norm light would certainly brighten the place up.


3. Ceramic milk carton from The Design Museum

Why? I don’t really know. I just know that I like this. I don’t remember Christmas lists having to be rationalised when I was a child!


4. A Rivoli table from Habitat

Because it’s pretty. No other reason needed. (That and it makes me think of chess. Is that a good reason?)


5. A Tree Coat Stand by Michael Young from Heals

Because currently my coats live on the side of my couch. That said this tree coat stand is potentially too nice to hang a coat on. Still want it though.


6. Some more CONCETTA plates from Habitat

Now I know I know I have a few of these plates already but I could do with a few more. Currently I have to decide whether to give guests the pretty crockery or keep it for myself. It’s an agonising decision.


7. World peace
Well, if you can fly round the world in one night, delivering presents to every single kid in the world, surely world peace isn’t a big ask?

8. An end to hunger
So I won’t feel so guilty when I’m munching my third mince pie.

9. People to stop saying the words ‘credit’ and ‘crunch’ together
That needs no explanation, surely?

10. And a Terry’s chocolate orange.

Thank you. And Merry Christmas!