4 presents for a too cool for nursery kid

This weekend got me thinking about small people. No, not midgets, but children.
Not because I’ve suddenly decided to have any (I’m sticking with the felines for the foreseeable future) but because it was my cousin’s baby’s 1st birthday and one of my best friend’s has decided to start trying for one too.

Basically I came to this conclusion: small people get the best stuff. Maybe it’s because everything’s dinky but children’s stuff always seems much cooler than grown-up stuff. So here’s my list of conversation pieces I would buy for the cooler than cool kid.*

1. Grrr from Perfect Children

Yes, I know this is potentially the kind of thing that could scar a child for life. (I’m still vaguely scared of creepy china dolls.) But it’s got to give a kid some edge and I think you might need that when you’re fighting over duplo, rusks and ladybird prams with the other toddlers.

grrr bear

2. Royal Tenenbaum Finger Puppets by Abbey Christine

Imagine bedtime stories with these finger puppets. Brilliant, huh? Though you might want skip the whole attempted suicide bit of the Royal Tenebaums.

royal tenenbaum finger puppets

3. A Space Monster Baby Changing Pad by Joey and Aleethea

The name of this makes me smile. Do you use it for changing Space Monster Babies? Or just for changing your baby into a Space Monster? Of course, the answer is neither, but I love this all the same.

baby changing mat

4. Would You Rather? by John Burningham

Would you rather an elephant drank your bath water, a seagull stole your dinner or
a hippo slept in your bed? Torture a small child with these and other pressing issues (including would you rather your dad did a dance at school or your mum had a row in a cafe). I can personally guarantee they will still be pondering over these questions 20 years on…

*Don’t worry Sae, I’ve got your little person something far more sensible than all this but just as cool 😉

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