Pretty offensive china – vintage crockery with attitude

I love these. No wait, actually, I f***ing love these. And if I could get them shipped all the way from New Zealand to Scotland in one piece I bloody well would! What’s with the swearing? Well, it’s to acclimatise you for what’s to come – cutesy, pretty china plates with hand-painted expletives on them.

Not really the kind of thing you can get out when the family come round to tea (unless you want to be off the Christmas card list, written out of the will and/or disowned) but these bits of vandalised vintage from Trixie Delicious will certainly add a bit of frisson to your dinner parties. Just be prepared to get the silent treatment if you have sensitive friends. (Of course, you could go for the safer set with the seven sins but where’s the fun in that?)

bitch cupmutant china plateseven sins plates

See after the jump for the more offensive stuff… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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rude china platerude china bowl