A flocked chair? Why the flock not?

Why would you need a flocked chair? Who knows, but who cares when it’s as decadent as this. Not one for letting the kids or pets near, or any friends over
a certain weight, but if you’re looking for a chair with a little more ‘oooh’ this
might do the job.

It’s by English Eccentrics, who are, as far as I can gather, English and sort of eccentric. These chairs are made to order so they don’t come cheap (£595 each) but for that price you get a reproduction of a classic french chair, flocked in blue, pink, purple, red, orange or green and then upholstered in matching silk.

flock chair

Alternatively, you could always invest in one of their flocked wooden printing blocks for a mere £45. Ok, so you can’t sit on them and they aren’t that big, but they’re pretty nifty in a strokeable sort of way.Flocked block
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